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Sunday, October 27, 2013

Commons & Tymoshenko

former Premier, Yulia Tymoshenko
     The Party of Commons and its founder, Mark Greene, candidate for Newcastle City Council, has morally supported former Ukrainian Premier and political prisoner, Yulia Tymoshenko, since the 2nd big disputed election (since 2004) in that Eastern European country in February, 2010, and has consistently called for her freedom on these blogs (Tymoshenko successfully had the 1st disputed election for the presidency, that she wasn't even running for, overturned).  Greene, who has visited Eastern Europe, among other regions of the world, had the pleasure of visiting western Ukraine during the Zeroes (decade).  Greene has traveled to other world destinations as a tourist as well, especially since '92, including the cities of Hong Kong, Russia's Moscow and St. Petersburg, Athens and Rome.  There are rumors circulating that Tymoshenko may be freed soon, but we're not getting our hopes up until it actually happens.

     Tymoshenko may have been denied a rightful victory to become president of Ukraine in '10, though amazingly it seems incredulous to many people that elections are actually stolen, including right here in the U.S.A.   The other curious election of '04 (Washington state) comes to mind, a strange Congressional primary that the mainstream news media intentionally ducked since they realize that the truth may really set us free.

Note:  to see Tymoshenko's official blog, click on the caption under her photo.

[Originally posted on Northern Pacific Report on 10/25/13 under the title, "Tymoshenko's Stand for Democracy," and revised on 10/27/13.]

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