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Monday, October 29, 2012

State Hypocrisy

It's good that Hillary Clinton is taking a critical stance against the ruling Ukrainian regime and that she is supporting Yulia Tymoshenko, the political prisoner and former Ukrainian Prime Minister who has been in jails or prisons for almost 15 months, now (see "Secretary of States' Atonement" in our Titular Commons blog), but asserting that state resources are used for the ruling party's advantage is hypocrisy, because she nor any other official has said a word about the King County, WA Elections Department keeping my name off the primary ballot for state representative in District 41 in 2010 (using the excuse of an unbelievable 38% error rate on a petition via their probably illegal refusal of a number count of the petition after I requested a count before turning it in entirely). The King Co. Superior Court judge (Canova) in this case signaled to the attorney for Sherril Huff that he would rule in Huff's favor before all the arguments were heard.

More hypocrisy from Uncle Sam -- what else is new? At least, this time it's well intended.

-- by Mark Greene

[Originally published on Commoner on 10/28/12; revised on 5/8/13.]

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