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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Establishment sycophants, like the ones at Publicola.com, use underhanded tricks to try to defeat the people's tide for reform and to comfort their masters (after all, they're paid by them): we can only hope they fail. These so-called progressive bloggers, who are really no more than their masters' puppets, are using lies, distortions and smears to confuse the will of the people. Intelligent, common sense voters will reject their lies and study the issues for themselves, such as perusing my ideas & reforms section on my brandnewelections.us website. Victory is close, nonetheless, as these sycophants may be disappointed on Election Day when I hope to get ready for transitioning Elections to a center of a great democracy in King County.

- by Mark Greene (Despite internet smears that have gained even more prominence on the major search engines since I complained about them in a recent post, I do support verifiable paper trails in elections, of course).

[Originally published on "Commoner" on 11/6/11; revised on 11/8/11.]

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