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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Publicola's Very Yellow Journalism

So far, the smears have generally been based on opinions, but yesterday Publicola.com took it a step farther by making outright false statements and allegations about me, which may be construed as defamation. They may think that they have a legal right to lie because they are a so-called journalistic entity and this is a public case about a candidate/public figure, but I'm willing to test that theory in a court of law. I was absolutely amazed while reading their "ratings article" about me, and at least one false statement could be rebutted by just looking at my voters' guide statement, and now I know how some celebrities feel when they complain about tabloids just making up stuff about them out of thin air. Publicola should not be surprised, come December or January, or a little later, if they get served a summons and a complaint. They should do the right thing now, and retract their falsehoods, immediately.

- by Mark Greene

Updates (Oct. 27, 2011):

To set the record straight, I have never accused the Elections Department of conspiring to steal an election from me. I have only said or implied that in 2004 the Elections Department did not investigate properly, or at all, the probable fraudulent election involving the 2004 9th Congressional District primary between Paul Lord and myself. I do not know who is responsible for rigging that election, and I do not think the Elections Department is responsible for the actual fraud. Furthermore, I have never used the word "conspiracy" in my allegations about probable fraud, since for all I know it could have been just one person who rigged the election.

This Publicola site is particularly sleazy, in their same "ratings article," it looks like, although not technically written as such, that Julie Kempf, a former elections director, was either made to appear, or to give them the benefit of the doubt, just sloppily written, as though she was responsible for the 2004 gubernatorial election confusion, when in fact it was Dean Logan that was responsible for conducting that election. We believe that Kempf was no longer employed at Elections during that time.

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