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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Support is On the Upswing

As the King County Director of Elections election is turning into its last month, Mark Greene's support is skyrocketing, and we have a feeling this election is going to be about 50/50 with a relative few people deciding it. Clearly, people are tired of the Establishment. It is more important than ever for supporters of Mark to spread the word about his campaign since the local mainstream corporate media and their sycophants have decided to ignore this election, apparently for the benefit of the incumbent. They will probably be writing stinging editorials eventually, however, so brace yourself for the usual propaganda. In supporting Mark, please, send e-mails, write letters to the editor, post your support on the social media outlets, such as MySpace and Twitter, and notify your relatives, friends and neighbors about the campaign and the late October - early November mail ballot voting through mails, phone calls and old-fashioned word-of-mouth means. If anybody says anything about the so-called municipal league ratings, point them to the previous post on this blog, and other posts on our "Commoner" blog (just type in "municipal league" in the search engine). Thanks!

[revised on 10/8/11]

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