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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Not Journalism 101, Either

I won't dignify them by referring to their moniker, but part of the sycophantic media in Seattle made some outlandish, intentional distortions about me. For one thing, my attempt to show that there is real fraud in elections was mocked, but I never said there was more than one election involving myself that was fraudulent, although of course they had to use a plural word to try to paint me as whatever caricature they chose to make. They also mocked the F.B.I. involvement in the Lord v. Greene primary of 2004. Did they actually try to check if the F.B.I. took an interest in this case? Probably not. Did they ask me if I had any letters or documents from the F.B.I.? Of course not, after all, I'm not talking about real journalists, here, but I do have a letter from the F.B.I. regarding this case. Did they do any serious checking of any nature about my allegations regarding the '04 primary? It's very doubtful. It's just par for the course for their partisan mission to get elected whoever they want to be elected. At least, the Times has the dignity to stay aloof from the Director of Elections campaigns this year, which is at least better than lies.

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