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Friday, April 15, 2011

The Election Department's De Facto Bosses

With her Democratic Party connections and de facto insider status, Ms. Huff will have no problem raising six figures for her campaign. She can do that with the wave of her metaphorical wand. As for me, however, I don't have a history of hobnobbing with party bosses, curtsying to corporate chieftains, bowing to billionaires, tap dancing for multimillionaires, or being at the beck and call of CEO's, show-biz honchos, or the business intelligentsia. Ms. Huff's former boss must be exhausted from going through the various star-lighted hoops of the Hollywood elite in the City of Angels, and Ms. Huff, herself, likely has to trade in for a new wand from time to time with the courtiers of the Seattle technocrat glitterati when it's time for her next job appointment or campaign treasury appeal. As for me, I'm just a commoner, and under the campaign rules of the PDC, I have subjected myself to a five thousand dollar campaign limit, not including the filing fee, because I realize that most other commoners do not have the luxury of making political donations, or at least not being able to contribute more than a few dollars. The filing fee and five thousand dollars is well under 7K; Ms. Huff should play by commoner rules this year and keep her financing under 7K as well. That would be magical if she agreed to that, not to mention fair. Please, write to the Seattle area media and tell them you would like to see the Director of Elections campaigns kept under a tight fiscal rein.

by Mark Greene, candidate for director of elections in King County, WA

[Originally posted on "Commoner" on 3/24/11; revised on 4/15/11.]

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